How Does Staging Effect  Selling Your Home...?


Time And Value...!

To sell a home fast and at a desirable value a home must be groomed and dressed for a successful sale.  It is important that a home shows appealing to the Buyers on the INSIDE & OUTSIDE better than the competition does. Click here for 5 Smartest Home Fixes... 



If you are a handy person and love to learn how to DIY (DIt Yourself) then this segment is for you. Here is where you can get some ideas and save too: HGTV (Home & Garden TV). HGTV offers many ideas for variety of budgets.  Check out the segments on "Design on a Dime", "Design To Sell", "Color Splash","Divine Design with larger budgets",...!  Simply type any of these programs in the "search box" on and enjoy endless creativity.

When preparing your home to sell it is important to pay attention to both, inside & outside of the home.  Front door, Landscaping, if there is a Patio or a Deck it is important to make them also a part of the living space and dress them up as well.  A welcoming home that is ready to move in sells faster and for more $$$!  Click here HGTV


Who Is The Best Staging Consultant To Call...?

There are many staging consultants who can help. Some are very good and some are better. There is a small fee of course.  But, it is well worthed.  If you wish to consult with one please feel free to call Hoody for referrals at  630-915-1730.   Or, email Hoody at



Hoody Is A Degreed Interior Designer... 

Hoody's experience in rehabbing homes enables her to help her 'Selling or Buying clients with their questions regarding preparing to sell, maintaining their home, or if buying a home just to know if it has been updated properly.

As an Artist and a Degreed Interior Designer, Hoody has an eye for design which enables her to assess what makes a house a "HOME" and attractive to buyers. As a result, she can help her clients sell their homes in a shorter amount of time and for the highest market value possible.  Click here to read what Hoody's clients say about Hoody...

Hoody will be happy to visit your home and provide you with tips about the most beneficial updates for your home, and an approximate estimate of the cost to update your home for either to sell, or just simply to update for your enjoyment in years to come.  As special service to her clients Hoody offers a special rate with the opportunity of marketing your home to sell. Please feel free to give Hoody a call to discuss the special rate options at 630-915-1730Or, feel free to email Hoody at with any questions you may have.


How To Create An Unforgettable First Impression:  Click here for 20 point tips on how to maximize the first impression of your home:

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